Daliya Khichdi

daliya khichdi


    1. 1 tbsp Ghee / Clariified Butter
    2. Cumin Seeds,
    3. Cinnamon Sticks
    4. Cloves
    5. Black Peppercorn
    6. Asafetida or Hing
    7. Ginger Garlic Paste
    8. Green chilies
    9. Curry leaves
    10. Turmeric Powder
    11. Cracked Wheat / Daliya
    12. Moong Dal
    13. Salt for taste
    14. Chopped Carrots
    15. Green Peas
    16. Coriander Leaves
    17. Lemon Juice


    1. Take ghee in the pan and start heat on medium high
    2. Once ghee is hot then add cumin seeds, cinnamon sticks, cloves and black peppercorn
    3. Then add asafetida or hing and ginger garlic paste and mix well
    4. Then add Green chilies, curry leaves, Turmeric Powder and mix well and cook for a minute
    5. Add cracked wheat and mix well and roast it just for 2 mins
    6. Add Moong dal which is washed and drained and then add in water
    7. Add salt for taste, chopped carrot, green peas and cook it until 1 whistle.
    8. Once all the pressure is released from pressure cooker then open the pressure cooker.
    9. Then add chopped red pepper and coriander leaves and mix it well
    10. Add lemon juice for taste
    11. Daliya khichdi is ready to serve.
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